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This website aims to provide promotional information about the BMG-SERVICES enterprise, scheduling and consulting prices. All intellectual property rights relating to the contents and information provided (texts, images, brands and logos) belong exclusively to BMG-SERVICES and our partners. It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, modify or disseminate, in whole or in part, the content of this Website without the prior written authorization of BMG-SERVICES, with the exception of what is strictly necessary to view the pages that make up this Website and for private use and not commercial. BMG-SERVICES does not recognize rights to any material and / or ideas that may be presented on this Website by visitors and without having been previously requested by us. BMG-SERVICES reserves the right to consider all material sent through this Website as non-confidential and not covered by intellectual property rights of third parties, and may be used in advertising and promotions created by BMG-SERVICES, which will not be in any case considered as collaborative works, collective works or composite works.


BMG-SERVICES is not responsible for or provides any guarantees regarding the information provided through this Website. You can find access links to other websites, and BMG-SERVICES is not responsible for the content, accuracy, credibility and functionality of websites belonging to third parties. BMG-SERVICES does not assume responsibility for any interruptions in the presentation of the Website, for viruses or for other damages that may be caused to its users. Any connection between the BMG-SERVICES.PT Website and other websites without the prior written authorization of BMG-SERVICES is strictly prohibited. If you found content on this website that may violate copyright, please contact us immediately at the following addresses: BMG-SERVICES, LDA Rocha Martins Square 8B, 1600-756 Lisbon email: geral@bmg-services.pt

Protection of Personal Data

The use of the Website implies the collection of the IP address of the user’s computer to access the Websites, as well as the collection of information related to the user’s Internet service provider, the type of Internet browser or the operating system used. The data collected by BMG-SERVICES are processed automatically, in certain cases in an automated way, but always in strict compliance with the national and Community legislation in force in terms of protection and privacy of personal data. BMG-SERVICES respects your right to privacy on the Internet and we make the best efforts to preserve the security of any and all personal information that you may provide us with. BMG-SERVICES will only collect personal data, such as your name and email, when they are entered voluntarily through this website, for statistical purposes. Entity responsible for processing The entity responsible for processing is BMG-SERVICES or another company contracted by BMG-SERVICES for this purpose. Data retention time Without prejudice to legal or regulatory provisions to the contrary, the data will be kept only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that motivated its collection or further processing. You may object, at any time, to the use of your data for marketing purposes, to send informational communications or to be included in lists or informational services, to correct or update the personal data you have made available on the BMG-SERVICES Website, for this purpose, send a written request addressed to the care of “Data Protection BMG-SERVICES” to the following address: BMG-SERVICES, LDA Rocha Martins Square 8B, 1600-756 Lisbon email: geral@bmg-services.pt Use of Cookies

BMG-SERVICES uses cookies on its website to improve the performance and browsing experience of its users, increasing, on the one hand, the speed and efficiency of response and, on the other, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information. The placement of cookies not only helps the website to recognize the user’s device the next time he visits it, but it will also be essential for its functioning. The cookies used by BMG-SERVICES on its website do not collect personal information that allows the user to be identified, but only store generic information, namely the user’s form or location / country and the way they use the website, among others. Cookies only retain information related to users’ preferences. The user can, at any time and through his internet browser (browser), decide to be notified about the receipt of cookies, as well as block the respective entry in his system. Be aware that the refusal to use cookies may result in the impossibility of accessing some areas of the BMG-SERVICES website.


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Law and jurisdiction

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